Documents for Patients

Please see below some useful/frequently used documents for patients:

Consent Form

This document is to be filled out by patients who wish to give permission for Bewbush Medical Centre to be able to discuss issues relating to their healthcare with a/multiple nominated person(s).

For patients aged 16 and over (where under 16 we are able to discuss with parents/guardians due to parental responsibility), we must insist on written consent.

Please note that consent forms cannot be submitted electronically. They must be returned to the surgery by the person giving consent, where you may be asked to present photo ID, e.g. a driving licence or passport, to confirm your identity.

Requesting a Letter Form

This document is to be filled out by patients wishing to request a letter from a GP.

Please note that the recipient of the letter cannot be the patient themselves, or ‘To whom it may concern’.

Please note that letters from a GP are often a private service not covered by the NHS, and therefore may carry a charge of up to £30.

Unfortunately we do not currently have the capacity to receive letter requests electronically. We hope that this will be possible in the future, but for the time being please return your completed letter request forms to reception.

Self Certification Explanation for Employers

This document can be given to employers to explain why General Practioners will not issue a medical certificate for periods of sickness less than seven days’ duration.